Ben Abbott and Associates have handled tens of thousands of accident cases helping clients recover the compensation they deserve for more than 20 years. Their team is over 150 strong, with more than 15 lawyers all working towards getting our clients the checks they deserve.

Ben Abbott & Associates
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Pay Per Click Mgmt, Analytics, Data-Science, Media Planning & Buying


Ben Abbott & Associates had experience with countless pay per click agencies and struggled to find a relationship where they could pin point exactly what they were receiving from their relationship with the agency. This was largely due to their case management software, Needles, which antiquated in many ways.

The problem with Needles is while it is great for case management, it is an older system and is difficult to accurately track the source of cases. The challenge was helping Ben Abbott & Associates help manage their advertising efforts and also ensure they were fully trackable.

Paid Search was a great source of cases for Ben Abbott & Associates however it is an incredibly competitive industry with an average CPC ranging anywhere from $50 to $500 per click.

Their team also had a great approach to social media with a massive amount of following from weekly giveaways ran on their account. The only problem was it was difficult to track exactly how that was translating into business.

Ben Abbott & Associates also seeked to expand their reach by incorporating an advertising strategy on platforms like Youtube and Snapchat. Their primary approach to sharing their commercials was through traditional broadcast advertising.


Anderson’s team began by setting out to build a fully-trackable advertising model without disrupting the success that Ben Abbott and Associates was already having. This meant building out a custom solution for their firm and working directly with Needles to build out a full-scale attribution model that would identify individual cases accurately by their marketing source.

We created a fully automated system that would go through the cases from the week, match it up with our call-tracking system and website analytics, and generate a report with the cases generated by our team and their source.

We also built out an extensive cross-channel media plan including Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Snapchat, Waze, Instagram, and Twitter.

Paid Search Results:

For Paid Search, we built out custom Google Ad scripts to programmatically control bidding, ad placement, increase impression share, optimize ads, and outperform competitors using historical data from the account. We also linked up our paid search accounts directly to our attribution model so individual cases and phone recordings could be paired with the keyword typed.

Paid Social Results:

For Paid Social, we built out a creative inbound marketing strategy based on Ben Abbott & Associate’s fan’s affinity to be followers of Cowboys and Mavericks news/articles. Our entire goal was to create shareable content that would bring visitors to his site to view the article and increase brand awareness.

Youtube Advertising Results:

On Youtube, built out a sequence advertising campaign utilizng creative with Dallas Cowboys football star David Irving. We ran the advertisements in a tight geo-fence around the DFW area and placed the ads on various NFL/Cowboys related content. Sequence advertisements show a series of advertisements to one individual across multiple devices. We had three parts that were shown to one after the other. Beause of such high engagement rates with the advertisement, we were able to generate a massive amount of results and beat industry averages by a large margin without spending too much in advertising dollars.