Custom-tailored media plans to programmatically reach your customers across devices and in the places that will impact them the most

Our agency leverages powerful first party data through our programmatic partners to give our clients access to industry leading targeting capabilities and full-service media buying. Whether it’s through streaming services, digital billboards, or airport terminals, we can build you an in-depth media plan that gets your messaging in-front of the right eyes. Our programmatic data-providers include:

We can help you build a highly-targeted cross-channel media plan that will get your message to the right individuals. Let’s get started


Our comprehensive media planning/buying placements include

  • Digital Out-Of-Home

    DOOH is now able to be executed programmatically and delivered to digital roadside billboards, airports, office lobies and elevators, and more. 

  • Audio Streaming

    With audio and podcast streaming services continuing to increase in listener count, there is no better time than now to incorporate audio in your media plan.

  • Advanced TV

    As cable television subscriptions continue to dwindle, television viewing is now fragmented across many apps and devices. Our programmatic television purchasing allows for you to reach viewers through linear TV, OTT, and consoles. 

  • Mobile

    Leveraging our mobile advertising placements layered with location, interest, and purchase behavior data means you can execute dynamic messaging specific to your audience. 

  • Desktop

    While the world is shifting mobile, laptops and desktop computers remain used world-wide and offer great placements that are highly trackable. 

  • Native

    Cross-device advertisements that mirror the appearance of the website/application around them. This has made native much more effective than banner ads. 


Years of industry experience & data to kickstart your campaigns

  • Full-Transparency

    Anderson Collaborative provides your team access to cross-channel marketing dashboards that show you where every penny of your marketing spend is going.

  • Data-Driven

    Marketing integrated with our analytics team to provide you with incredibly relevant information and insights about your users and sources of revenue.

  • Conversion Focused

    Machine-learning powered marketing campaigns that test the most effective copywriting, imagery, call-to-actions, and more.

  • Fully-Trackable

    Every single one of our marketing campaigns are built out to be absolutely trackable so that we can report back to your with an accurate return on advertising spend.

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