Phase 10 is a popular family card game under the Mattel product line. Created in 1982, Phase 10 has been played by millions around the world and is the 2nd best-selling commercial card game behind Uno. Anderson Collaborative worked with Phase 10, Mattel, & Mattel163 in 2022 to execute a comprehensive Out Of Home Advertising campaign utilizing a combination of static/digital inventory.

The campaign focused on their app, Phase 10: World Tour. Our media buying and planning team was hired to execute buys around the DFW metroplex in hopes to achieve as much awareness as possible and drive app downloads utilizing QR codes.

Partnering with Outfront Media & AdQuick, our team compiled a collection of premiere placements and quickly had a winning media plan. These placements included 25 backlit kiosks around West Village & Downtown, 7 digital displays at local Dallas mall locations, and complimentary programmatic mobile retargeting ads based on device tracking & geographic proximity to the placements.

In collaboration with Viral Nation, we produced a variety of static & video creative for the units. It was truly a team effort with creative team Nick Williamson, Claiborne Myers, Nazareno Castro Bay, and Gregorio Palacios carrying the torch across the finish line with very quick turnaround requests.

Phase 10, Mattel, Mattel 163.
Multiplayer Card Game / App
Marketing Consultation, Strategic Planning, Full Service Media Planning & Buying, Photo & Video Production, Creative Design, Animation, Outdoor Advertising, Programmatic Display Advertising, Reporting & Analytics

Results Summarized:

Anderson Collaborative delivered on all requests and met tight delivery dates thanks to the hard work of our team. All placements produced an estimated total of 11,346,569 impressions generating a massive amount of awareness in the DFW area. QR codes on each of the creative allowed each passerby to take a picture of the display and immediately download the app. These QR codes were unique to each placement which allowed us to track and analyze the effectiveness of each individual unit.

This was by far one of our favorite campaigns we’ve ever had the pleasure of working on and look forward to future collaboration with all parties involved!

  • 8,040,896 digital billboard impressions
  • 2,897,860 estimated static kiosk impressions
  • 407,813 mobile impressions & proximity devices retargeted

Project Team:

Trevor Anderson:
Campaign Strategy
Cole Feigl:
Creative Direction & Campaign Strategyt
Nick Williamson:
Commercial/Creative Production, Video & Photo, Editing
Daria Canfield:
Project Manager
Nazareno Castro Bay:
Digital Strategy & Design
Claiborne Myers:
Content Production & Editing
Gregorio Palacios:
Content Production & Editing
Viral Nation, Outfront Media, & AdQuick

Media & Highlights:

Timelapse footage of select placements at West Village & The Parks at Arlington.

Digital Displays

Mobile retargeting ads