Typhoon Texas is a series of water parks with two locations in Austin & Houston Texas. Our team has collaborated jointly with partner agency Nativz in order to completely overhaul how the Water Parks approach their marketing strategy and analytics for data-driven decision making.

We were hired by the executive board of Typhoon Texas in 2019 as consultants to undergo an internal audit of all of their marketing strategy, digital presence, and customer feedback. Just about no stone was left unturned over the course of a year as Cole Feigl headlined internal research, geographic analysis, customer persona creation, creative analysis, media buying audit, customer surveys, and website UI/UX research. This culminated in an overall comprehensive strategy with recommendations on how to pivot and achieve success for the 2021 Season. 

For the 2021 season, we built out a comprehensive media plan with a new emphasis on digital placements. Our goal was to establish a return on ad spend model where every dollar spent on campaigns could be monitored and attributed. We set up a comprehensive conversion tracking system which allowed us for the first time in the company’s history to attribute each sale to individual ad placements.

Utilizing past customer data, we conducted a lifetime value/geo analysis to optimize our targeting, lookalike audiences, and increase our overall average order value. Our data-match technology allowed us to uncover additional demographics about their ideal audience and create more robust customer personas. These findings informed channel placements, in-park promotions, marketing creative, geographic targeting, email marketing, and more.

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Results Summarized:

In the 2021 season, our advertising efforts were directly attributed to $2.81M in ticket sale revenue (last-click attribution alone, means the user had to click our ad and purchase immediately). Accounting for different attribution models and the 40,311 individuals we drove to the park, the overall contribution to their record-breaking year was incredibly significant. 

Our efforts during the 2021 season earned Typhoon Texas marketing awards from a variety of industry authorities and resulted in record-breaking sales numbers. Our digital strategy was recognized most prominently by the World Waterpark Association which awarded Typhoon Texas as the winner of Best Social Media Campaign alongside Hawaiian Falls & Baha Bay.

World Waterpark Magazine’s recognition of our “Kick Family Time Up a Notch” social media campaigns in 2021. 

We then conducted qualitative/quantitative surveys and interviews with Typhoon Texas customers to better understand their experience in 2021, build further customer personas, design unique loyalty offers, make changes to in-park experiences, and adjust marketing messaging & copywriting, and countless other applications. The results of the 2021 season led to the acquisition of 3 additional water parks in Vegas & Utah. We now handle the marketing efforts for 5 locations and are currently pacing towards another record-breaking year! 

  • $2.81 M+ in directly attributed revenue from ads
  • 519,117 clicks generated
  • 22.9M+ total digital ad impressions
  • 133,497 attributed web-location visits in 2021

Typhoon Texas Digital Ad Funnel | Multi-Step Based On Customer Interaction

Typhoon Texas Digital Ad Funnel | Display Placements

Typhoon Texas Digital Ad Funnel | Paid Social Placements

Typhoon Texas Digital Ad Funnel | Paid Search Placements