Our project began in 2017 with The Nobles Baldwin team of Sotheby’s International Realty. The Nobles Baldwin was already massively successful. Ginger Nobles and Susan Baldwin closed a $22 million sale which was at one point the largest residential deal completed in the Dallas metroplex. Nobles Baldwin wanted to utilize new age digital marketing to increase their online exposure and to quickly sell homes for their clients.

Sotheby's International Realty
Luxury Real Estate
Pay Per Click Mgmt, Analytics, Data-Science, Media Planning & Buying


The team found that the previous digital marketing firm Nobles Baldwin was working with had been generating traffic, but not the right kind. Our analysis showed that nearly 94% of all visitors were leaving the site after viewing one page and were rarely contacting the real estate team. Often these visitors came from foriegn countries as well. Nobles Baldwin wanted to make sure that relevant traffic was visiting their website and that they were maximizing their return from digital ad dollars.


Our team developed pay per click marketing campaigns with custom audiences, in-market keywords, and geographic targeting to ensure that all ads were being served to relevant audiences. We also reconfigured the installation of the Google Analytics account to ensure that we were accurately tracking visitors entering the website and identifying conversion rates, number of phone calls, etc. We instituted live user recording on the website to provide feedback for the web development team at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s in Dallas Texas to help improve performance. Our attribution model helped us identify strategies that were working and where our leads were coming from. 

In a team of over 500 Nobles Baldwin was stand out, but after just a few short months of working with us their results improved significantly. By year end of 2017 the two most visited property pages from the entire brokerage both belonged to Nobles Baldwin.