Built by car wash owners, for car wash owners, Washify®. is a leading provider of point-of-sale and marketing solutions. Washify’s®. cutting-edge software and hardware products empower car washes to better attract and service customers while growing their businesses and increasing profits. Based in West Roxbury, MA, Washify®. was founded in 2010 by Adam Korngold, a former car wash operator who saw firsthand the need for technological innovation in the industry.

In March of 2020 DRB® Systems, LLC, a leading provider of software and hardware innovations to the car wash industry, announced that it had acquired Washify®.

“Today, more than ever, we have assembled the best minds in the car wash industry,” said DRB CEO and President Dan Pittman. “We have not only joined two of the best car wash technology lineups, but we have also joined two of the most talented teams.”

Washify LLC.
Car Wash Technologies
Marketing Consultation, Strategic Planning, Full Service Media Planning, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Youtube Advertising, PR Amplification Strategy, Display Advertising, Analytics & Data Management, Website Design & Development.


Our team began working with Washify during the summer of 2020. Their team was looking for an agency that could help them reach a very niche target audience utilizing digital advertising efforts. Anderson Collaborative was tasked with preparing a B2B Digital Advertising strategy that was trackable from start to finish. In order to continue investing in the relationship, Washify wanted to ensure that they knew what advertisements generated leads and to have a full understanding of attribution of sales.

The challenge faced by our team was linking these ad efforts effectively with their CRM, Pipeline deals, which required some customization on our part. Washify also wanted to ensure that calls generated were quality so we had to figure out a way to prove that to their team. Leads generated were not enough, they wanted to know the full picture. Regardless of the challenges, we were confident we were the right team for the job.

Results Summarized:

Anderson Collaborative got to work and implemented a cross-channel media plan focused on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube. Our team then managed to integrate their CRM with the contact forms on the website so that dynamic UTM parameters would carry through, allowing us to look at leads and deals generated and know exactly where they came from. Not just at a source/medium level, but down to the creative, keyword, targeting, campaign, location, and more.

We then implemented call-tracking/recording technology that also was integrated with our advertising efforts. Using dynamic number insertion on the website, unique phone numbers were generated depending on the source of the visit. Then these phone calls were subsequently recorded so we could look back on the conversation with sales staff to ensure that the leads were legitimate.

Almost immediately Washify was able to see the results. During 2020 we achieved great success improving numbers across the board while keeping total advertising investment to just around $30,000.


  • 143% increase in website visits.
  • 87% increase in total leads generated
  • 2 million + ad impressions served
  • 107% increase in phone calls generated

During 2020 we were able to increase contact form submissions by 31.5%, phone calls by 107.31%, website chat messages by 150%, and overall lead generation by 87.52% compared to the previous period.

In 2020, Washify didn’t just see leads increase but subsequently saw sales increase. Dollars won from deals increased by 75.68%. Total deals won increased by 36.36%. Average Won Deal Size increased by 30.3%.


  • 75% increase in dollars won from deals
  • 36% increase in total deals won
  • 30.3% increase in average deal size
  • 107% increase in phone calls generated

Web Design & Development:

Despite all the success we saw in 2020 with Washify, we still felt that we could optimize the overall marketing funnel. Initially, Washify hired us just for paid media management and analytics, however as we gained their trust we approached them with the idea of improving the overall UI/UX of their website as well as loading speeds. Their team approved.

So we sent our website design & development team to work at the tail end of November 2020. With 2021 just around the corner, we set our overall timeline to 45 days so we could deliver the new look at the beginning of the year. We were able to fulfill our goal and the site launched at the beginning of January.

Responsive website design launched in January of 2021.

The previous website was very difficult for the marketing team at Washify to update on their own for simple text edits, etc, so we focused heavily on changing this. The new site would allow for easy page additions and design changes to be made by their team and we would assist with larger more technical adjustments.

Additionally, it was critical that the website was responsive for all devices. The previous website had multiple sections where the site was difficult to navigate on mobile or just wouldn’t display correctly. The website itself also had a very high load time which we were concerned was affecting the results of our marketing efforts. The new website addressed all of these issues and the impact was felt almost as soon as we launched.


The original website was not fully responsive on all devices, causing errors and affecting the conversion rate. Likewise, website speed was extremely slow.

The original website had low-performance scores and a fully loaded time of 15.3 seconds. 

The new website improved performance scores tremendously. Achieved A rating on Gtmetrix. Decreased fully loaded time from 15.3 seconds down to 1 second. Brought down total page size from 2.59MB to 372KB. 

  • 93% improvement in website load speed (15 seconds to 1).
  • 84% improvement in page size (2.3MB to 327KB).
  • 190% jump in total conversions upon launch.
  • 34% increase in average session duration.

Media & Highlights:

Sample of short-form promotional material utilized in social media advertising efforts.

Sample of long-form video content utilized in Youtube Sequence Advertisements

Responsive banner design used in programmatic advertising & retargeting. 

Anderson Collaborative live cross-channel dashboard utilized for reporting and centralization of marketing analytics. Available for use on all devices so the Washify team could get a transparent look at performance at any time. 

“Both the ads and new website have garnered a noticeable increase in leads and conversions. Anderson Collaborative finds success in employing a team of subject matter experts rather than relying on generalists.

Launching the new website has also correlated to a direct increase in inbound leads. As soon as it went live, we noticed the uptick, which demonstrated concretely that our new website was converting better than our old one.

Trevor runs his agency in the same way that I would in that he finds people who are very good within their field rather than collecting generalists under an umbrella company. This allows him to connect his clients with experts in each specific segment. For us, that means we don’t just have a single ads manager but rather an ads manager for each platform. “


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